In December of 2016, the American laboratory Biogen (BIIB) discovered a formula to aid the treatment of SMA, it was called SPINRAZA (Nusinersen). The children that received doses of this treatment showed extremely positive results: strengthened muscles, an increase in ease within the vital movements of the body (breathing, swallowing and sucking) and overall, an increase in body movements.

You can see the progress of baby Cameron, from the U.S., after starting his treatment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVi9L_3LWw4

The medication, SPINRAZA, must be applied in 6 doses in the first year and every dose costs U$ 150.000,00. Unfortunately this medication is not available in Brazil neither through the government or the health care service. Our chance lies in being able to raise enough funds so that the treatment can be privately imported, allowing André to then receive the doses to improve his quality of life.